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Brave Browser, The Passive Income King?

Saving my privacy and making money out of it.

Yes, it happened, after years of being a Chrome user, I changed. The new kid arrived and is beating everyone else. No more ads, no more unnecessary stuff, faster and cleaner user-friendly front end, and to top it all of, I’m making passive income just by using it (but no I’m not becoming rich overnight).
Meet the Brave Browser, and honestly, you don’t need to be brave to change, I’ll make it very simple for you to decide trust me.

I’m not affiliated with Brave in any form. I’m just a happy user who wants to share this great experience with you

Can Brave save the internet?

It is common knowledge that there is no such thing as “privacy” in the internet. You can watch numerous documentaries that will show that our data is simply on sale to the highest bidder without our consent, therefore our information is just floating around and being collected by the biggest companies in the world to then show us ads that they think are tailored to our needs and therefore creating a higher chance of converting (purchase) their services. To get a deeper look at the wrong usage of our data, you can watch Netflix’s The Great Hack.

To sum things up where you are searching stuff on google, opening any website, browser gaming, shopping or just scrolling through social media, your data is being collect and your preferences being tracked. Never wondered why you saw a cute post about dogs and soon enough got a dog bed ad? That’s because your online activity was tracked and the browser algorithm served you an ad based on your preference at said time.
Now as a normal web-user I don’t see the effects of these hidden activities but I know that if there’s a better and safer way to use the internet, I’m all-in on that and that’s when I saw an article about a new browser that has its own ad blocker and tracking blocker built-in, Brave. 

Why I didn’t want to use Brave

I had all of my passwords, calendars, to-do lists, bookmarks, and auto-fills ready to go on Chrome and the idea of migrating all of that info into a new browser looked like an exhausting task but as I went on searching about Brave, I learned that it is built on chromium which is an open-source browser project that is the same thing as Chrome is built on, and for that reason, I was supposed to find no differences at all in the user point-of-view (except for the design of course).
For this very reason, all Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla users can transfer their bookmarks, passwords, and preferences over to Brave with just one click.

I soon realized that Chrome wasn’t the best choice in terms of memory usage and privacy protection (since it has none) by checking my laptop’s performance running Chrome vs Brave, and by checking the Brave Shield Indicator, that after a solid half-hour on youtube stream a music video, blocked over 76 trackers and other intrusions.

You might be wondering what is that blue checkmark, it is a Verified Brave Creator badge. Since Brave blocks all kinds of ads, you’ll watch YouTube videos without seeing those 5-second ads, and therefore the developers created a tipping jar where you can tip your favorite creators with BAT (pretty cool stuff in my opinion). If you are a content creator and a Brave user, register as a Brave Creator here

Day to day results using Brave

Once I started using this browser as my daily driver, I started noticing differences right away. The user experience is considerably faster, using YouTube without any ads is quite frankly weird in a good way, and opening a new tab and see that I’ve made 2 cents just by using it makes me happy (“you’re happy because you made 2 cents?” Yup, I’ve made 2 cents more than I would have made if using Chrome)

That’s the Pièce de résistance! This browser has its own cryptocurrency, the Basic Attention Token (BAT) and you can earn it just by using the browser and being served with privacy-friendly ads in a form of a push notification. You can set the ad frequency in the settings and choose from 1 to 5 ads per hour.
But if you’re not into crypto or not looking for a small passive income, you can always turn off the Brave Rewards, and that way you’ll see no ads at all. Give it a go, and if you don’t like it you can always change to your previous browser.
Be safeM.R.



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